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“Amarah Alexandra is a contemporary designer who focuses on human centred design. She is mindful on how design can have an effect on well-being and is inspired by philosophies and experiences of the world around her. She takes on a minimal approach and creates a holistic ambience throughout her collections. 

Amarah looks into different aspects of well-being and how it can be affected. Philosophies, cultural/religious beliefs and life experiences that people can relate to are all subjects that she tends to project though her work. It is important that she has strong meaning behind what she creates and if she can somehow inspire at least one person then she feels her purpose has been reached.

She likes to collect a range of everyday and unusual materials from the market, scrap stores and outdoors. She explores and engages with the materials to create interesting techniques. A few of my familiar approaches are burning, twisting, wrapping, layering and fabric manipulating. Previous collections have included materials such as cocktail sticks, seeds, brush brittle’s, and cotton wool.

Amarah’s work is intricate with great attention to detail and hopes the audience can feel a sense of tranquillity and connect with the concept behind her collections. ”